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Physical Security & Automation System

Security and Automation system is trusted electronic solution which exists to give special advantages for your company and business. By optimizing security solution and Automation system, you can create the easiness and your company safety from all the things which can damage your company. The main purpose of security solution and Automation system is to be able to improve discipline, safety and efficiency operational activity for your company and for your business area.

The Security and Automation System solutions we can offer to you are:

Access Control

Access coAccess Controlntrol solution which is especially designed with current high technology. This machine has huge memory capacity and completed with high sophisticated features, such as USB flash disk, Web server, bell schedule, message, work code, key function, etc. this is machine also completed with screen of TFT LCD 4 inch full color which can display the employee photos. The backside casing machine is designed to be able to hide cable and backside panel is made of strong iron that can make this machine seems more tidy, luxurious and elegant.

We provide several types of products, for Access Control solutions include:
1. Time Attendance                   7.  Controllers                                11. Rim Exit Device 17. All Brands
2. Fingerprint                              8.  Magstripe                                  12. Switch Door
3. Keypads                                  9.  Rim Exit Device                       13. Break Glass (Emergency)
4. Card Reader                         10.  Electric Strikes                        14. Alarmed Exit Device
5. Biometric System                 11. Magnetic Locks                        15. Mifare (Smart Card)
6. Barcode System                   12. Credentials                               16. Push Button Lock (Mechanical and Electronic)

Building Integration

Building IntegrationThe amount of integrated building of management controlling filled many tools to detect fire, instruction and alarm, access control, video monitoring, and Building Automation.

This solution can help you to monitor security system and your building safety from bad things and can minimize the possibilities which can damage your office.


CCTVCCTV (closed circuit television) is equipment of digital video camera which is used to send a signal to monitor screen in some curtain places. This equipment has a special purpose to keep an eye the certain situation and condition, so it can prevent crime or it can be an evident of crime that happened.

CCTV is often used to supervise public area such as: Bank, Hotel, Airport, military house, factory or warehousing.

Conventional system with VCR (Video Cassette Recorder), the first is a picture from CCTV camera which is sent through cable to the certain monitor and it needs a direct controlling by security operator with the low picture resolution such as 1 image per 12.8 seconds. But in this high technology era, many CCTV have used modern technology system.

The System of CCTV digital camera recently, can be operated either controlled through personal computer or self phone, and it also can be monitored everywhere and anywhere as long as there will be internet connection and GPRS access.

We also provide several options CCTV models that can be customized to your needs:
1. Box Camera            5. PTZ Camera            9.  Digital Video Recorder
2. Dome Camera       6. UTP Camera          10.  All Brands
3. Zoom Camera       7.  Analog Camera
4. IR Camera             8.  IP Camera

Barcode System

Barcode SystemPT Data Link Lintas Nusa operates barcode service with kinds of cable which is in the barcode symbol. Barcode solution we offer can be used in some kinds of application with control access system which can be functioned for asset controlling to your business..

This barcode System solution, to help your business in managing operational activity effectively, arranged product controlling system and can push lower operational cost. System Barcode Solution has been used in Group of Carrefour, Supermarket, Café, Cargo, Transportation, warehousing act.

Head Counting Systems

Head-Counting-SystemHCS from Sieva Networks is the System which enable the administrator and security coordinator to keep perimeter Access and personal during both of routine operation and urgent. HCS help to control and to safe your perimeter facility and your access to the sensitive area. ECS is quite suitable to the critical area such as: nuclear reactor, oil and gas factory, ammunition stand etc.

HCS breakthrough is the quite solution and as a standard to be used explosive environment and dangerous place (completed with ATEX certificate). HCS automatically search the movement and give the information about how many times it enters to the zone, left zone and how many it is in controlled zone. HCS can sound a warning automatically when amount of people in curtain place is overloaded than allowed. HCS provides wide across for kind of warning which is produced and even employee who is walking in the factory can cause a warning.


Smart card

Building IntegrationMifare reaches some wide industries as a suitable standard of Smart Card Product Contactless. Mifare is a credit card which has ideal credential shape for different applications such as access control, cashless seller, public transportation, company and campus application, ticket agenda, customer loyalty and photo card or ID

It is produced with high quality standard, Mifare Credential has memory organizing and capacity to save some applications in single mandate. Guaranteed safety because it is separated from sector, and it is protected by two buttons programmed access condition, and it enable a complex application and provides expansion for future. The date in the card is protected with encryption key which is used in process of authentication. So that, no important data will be divided in card reader and it has been confirmed each other. Mifare is a card which can be produced with visual security and resistant to-counterfeiting feature such as hologram, ultra-violet, fluorescent ink, micro-printing or costume logogram quickly and easily identify the card authenticity.

SMS Server

Building IntegrationThe development of cellular telephone in Indonesia has given a lot benefits for user. Even cellular technology which has a base of GSM has facility of voice communication and data. Short messages can be sent with cheap cost. This service is usually known as SMS (short message service server). Many applications which has base of SMS server has been widely used in many companies. The applications used are: mobile banking service to help client and customer do banking transaction with SMS application. SMS is usually made by cellular telephone Company (mentioned operator) to increase SMS frequency for customer.

The solution SMS server exists to give facility to improve and optimize your company activity and business by providing high mobility capacity which is difficult to reach by internet access.

The benefits and advantages of SMS server solution is a face to face application between SMS and computer application you have had it which has a base of SQL Server, Access, Oracle, DB2, MySQl, TCP/IP which run in some operating systems (Microsoft windows, Unix based, AS400, etc). So, SMS Server Solution can be used for some necessities in your company and business, either in internal company or as a service value added to customer.

Of course it can’t be imagined that SMS is usually used only to send message inter-phone but right now it can be optimized as media to access data to your computer wherever you are.

Under Vehicle System

Building IntegrationUnder vehicle system is a system or digital picture catcher clearly from undercarriage car to seek explosive material, weapon, installed package, and other strange things.

Under vehicle system is always used in law building, military installation, harbor facility, hospital, hotel, office building and entertainment place, mall etc which need a special security controlling, in order to be able to anticipate or minimize bomb terror or other crimes from those are not responsible with people’s safety.

This system has some specifications digital linear system with scan color of linear camera, zooming picture, feature of introducing license plate by using video recording system with simple recording function.

Video Conference

Barcode SystemDo a conference two participants or more in different location by using internet network to send audio data and video. For example, point-to-point (two men) video conferencing system works as video. Every participants have own video camera, microphone, and speaker-active on their computer. When two participants are talking each other, their voices are produced through the network and sent to other speakers, and every kind of picture will appear in front of video camera and it will appear in other participants monitor.

Multipoint video conference enables three or more participants to sit in the virtual conference room and communicating as if they sat beside other participants. Video conference solution is widely used by company which has several branches in or outside city or country to communicate when in meeting or when communicating with your client. Because with this solution the distance is as not far and expensive as we predict.

Product solutions
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    Security System.

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    Security System.

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    Video Conference.

  • HID (Human Identification Technology)

    Fingerprint Solution Provider, Biometic Time Attandance Machines and Access Control System.


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