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Infrastructure & Wireless Broadband Radio

Network Infrastructure

Best network of infrastructure solution and world class of professional services. It exists to complete your some business aspect from back-office accounting system to manage the relationship between you and your customer and to develop portal and security service. We are uniquely placed to comprehend the certain challenges and to help you to create dynamic and flexible infrastructure which integrate all software applications and IT system.

We are alwInfrastructure Networkays ready to give the best concept and solution to help you in every your needs, and to be able to create the credible environment which can go optimally. And we always try to give the best respond of your business needs changing by simplifying design and implementation of IT solution and can help you to decrease whole operational costs.

Wireless broadband radio

A technology without cable (nirkabel) which can connect some wares in certain company or location which is difficult enough toWireless Infrastructure  be connected with cable, so the wireless broadband radio is the best solution to help you.

The advantages of wireless broadband radio that you can get is: easy to do an access or communication of data changing and the efficiency of operational cost which can rise.

Product solutions
    Cisco System Inc.
  • HP
    Networking provides innovative solutions for unified connectivity.
  • D-Link
    A world leader and award winning designer, developer and manufacture on networking, broadband, digital electronics, voice and data.
    Fast Swith, Fast Hubs, Adapters Card, Giga Switching, Transceiver-Conveter UTP-FO.
    Enterprise Device Networking Device Server, Device Management and Control.
  • P’MX
    Wireless Broadband Radio , Tel-Link Encore Radio System, provides a cost-effectiv e solution to voice and data transmission requirements in capacities from 2E1 to 16E1, operating from 7 to 38 Ghz.
    Specializes in delivering “last mile” connectivity for high-speed Internet and internet access using outdoor fixed-wireless building-to-building solutions.
    Router Wireless compatible with ISP and Hotspot Provider.