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Smart Data Center

PT Link Lintas Nusa launches smart data center solution with reached cost for whole companies. This solution consists of whole infrastructure component and implementation service which you need to establish world class data center

Infrastructure of data center we offer not only consist main component such as server, storage, and network, but also include rack, UPS and cooler system, applying system consists of installation, configuration and starting process (start up)

Smart Data Center“By smart data center solution, we overcome company’s need in Indonesia, which wants to encourage your business which has a base of information technology, but has trouble with resources when wants to build smart data center. So, smart data center solution exists to answer your doubt.

Smart Data center Solution provides complete world class data center, trusted data center, flexible data center and get ready for visualization and it is provided with reached cost. And it also unites data center infrastructure component which suites with your need and ability. Except that, we also offer several choices of component for you, so you will be avoided from vendor lock-in.

This solution also enables establishing of quick and easy data center in any room and no need to establish special area. This data center is easy to move because of the simplicity of configuration and solid footprint.

Smart data center offers base configuration which has high scalability capacity and easy to extend to support your business growth in the future and includes support of 25 virtual Machine.

Scope of Services

Design , Build , Migrate and Maintenance.